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Core areas and strenghts

Intelligent solutions for more performance, efficiency, and sustainability in all your transportation processes:

Core Area of Umovity: Modelling & Planning

Modelling & Planning 

Powerful expert products as well as lightweight and use-case-sharp SaaS products empower you to create digital twins and multimodal traffic simulation – microscopic, mesoscopic or hybrid. For accurate & reliable analysis and visualization to make mobility plans successful.

Core area of Umovity:Management & Prediction

Management & Prediction

Innovative Technology offering traffic monitoring and reporting capabilities, as well as forecast and decision support, based on historical and real-time data, AI and Machine Learning.Enabling transportation professionals to make data-driven decisions and optimize traffic flow.

Core Area of Umovity: Onsite Operations and Optimization

Onsite Operations and Optimization

Cutting-edge Cabinets, Controllers, Sensors and most reliable Field Services empowering cities & departments to make traffic networks and operations safer and more efficient.

United in one collaborative Mobility Tech Suite

The Mobility Tech Suite by Umovity empowers users and decision makers worldwide with the right software, hardware, and services that are needed to optimize mobility. As stand-alone products or powerful combinations, supported by cloud computing and data management. From strategic Transportation Planning and Modeling to Traffic Management & Prediction to onsite Traffic Operations & Optimization - regardless of the use case, scope, or timeline of the project. 

A transformative and innovative technology suite that addresses current and future global mobility challenges.

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All in one: The benefits of our Mobility Tech suite

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Usability & Collaboration

Easy and seamless collaboration enabling user & use-case-centered solutions.

Data & Performance

Mutual enrichment between software and hardware enhances transportation network efficiency.

Umovity Benefit: Impact & Value
Impact & Value

Reduced travel times and emissions and improved safety for all road users.

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Econolite and PTV form a strong international group of companies with more than 1500 employees and offices worldwide.

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