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With our Umovity Tech Suite, we are providing the full range from hardware & control for traffic departments to simulation software for urban planners & modelers.

Leveraging data and intelligence end-to-end

Umovity's approach is based on providing full visibility for our customers, accelerating the speed from data to decision-making and from digital planning to on-site optimization. 

To better understand, control, and optimize traffic and make smart infrastructure decisions, our software provides decision support based on historical and real-time data. Our connected hardware and services guarantee smooth operations.

We transform input from multiple data streams (such as traffic sensors, public transit, and socio-economic data) into digital twins to model, simulate and understand scenarios and the results.

This digital plan is then linked to the physical world, by connecting our planning software with on-site traffic management and control.

Business areas

With expert products and combined packages that can be tailored to any mobility use case, the Mobility Tech Suite by Umovity unites software, hardware and services to empower transportation decision makers with the right solution to optimize mobility in their communities.

Modeling & Planning 

Cutting-edge software and SaaS solutions for traffic planning, transport modeling, and multimodal traffic simulation, as well as data analysis and data visualization.

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Management & Prediction

Innovative traffic management software and ITS solutions to monitor and report, as well as forecast and decision support. Based on historical and real-time data, AI, and machine learning.

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Onsite Operations & Optimization

Leading technology cabinets, controllers, and sensors, as well as the most reliable field services ensuring the highest efficiency and safety for traffic networks.

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Modeling & Planning 

Modelling & Planning 


PTV Visum: Strategic multimodal transport planning, data visualization, and collaboration.

PTV Vissim: Multimodal traffic simulation, traffic emissions modeling, simulation of CAVss.

PTV Publisher: Cloud-based dashboards, visualizations, and 3D maps of PTV Visum data.

PTV Model2Go: Automated model-building process delivering basic transport models for any city within 1 week.

PTV Vistro: Traffic impact analysis and signal optimization.

PTV Viswalk: Realistic simulation and display of pedestrian behavior.

PTV Access: Multimodal accessibility scores.

PTV Lines: Public transport service planning, network design, accessibility analysis, scenario comparison.

Service Segments

Microsimulation Software: Simulation of traffic networks (e.g., corridor) for evaluation of the impact of changes to traffic systems.

Macrosimulation Software: Simulation of entire traffic networks (e.g., city or region) for overall strategic traffic planning purposes.

Data: Refinement and visualization of underlying mobility data from various sources.

Management & Prediction

Management and Prediction


Centracs: Advanced transportation management solutions, cloud and on-premise, analytics, priority and adaptive features, MMS, interoperability.

PTV Optima: Detailed and on-premise real-time traffic management software for multimodal networks, forecasts, monitoring, and scenario evaluation.

PTV Flows: Traffic impact analysis and signal optimization, real-time traffic management software, predictive features, cloud-based, cost-effective.

Service Segments

Traffic Management Software: Monitor, control & collect data from traffic equipment to determine traffic strategies.

Traffic Optimization Software: Optimize traffic by calibrating traffic infrastructure Predictive Real-time.

Onsite Operations & Optimization

Onsite Operations and Optimization


Cabinets: Advanced diagnostics, monitoring & safety features.

Controllers: Next-gen advanced transportation control (ATC).

EOS: Next-gen traffic signal controller software, connected & automated vehicle support, smart city applications.

Autoscope: Traffic video detection, bicycle and pedestrian detection, highest level of accuracy and performance.

EVO Radar: Latest, most capable radar, 900° detection approach area, pedestrian and bicycle detection.

Service Segments

Traffic Light Controllers: Computing devices to control traffic equipment in a cyber safe way.

Traffic Detection Equipment: Sensors, radar, and video detection.

Maintenance & Field Services: Monitor, update & upgrade traffic equipment; Implementation of ITS-near construction projects.

Service offerings

Our end-to-end value proposition is complemented by our tailored service and consulting offering.


  • Tailored consulting services to develop sustainable and innovative traffic and mobility concepts and solutions for clients 
  • State-of-the-art advisory on trending topics, such as mobility 4.0, climate protection, Vision Zero, and commercial transport solutions 
  • Holistic consulting approaches via strong external partnerships, including political decision-makers, universities, engineering associations
  • Comprehensive professional service offering including implementation services complementing software offering

Field Services

  • Licensed and IMSA-certified maintenance and repair services offered as follow-on service to customers
  • Services include installation, preventive maintenance emergency response and construction supervision 
  • 60+ field service employees, located across the United States in California, Iowa, Texas, and Florida

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