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Technology to optimize mobility for humanity

Our software, hardware, and professional services empower cities and organizations worldwide to make mobility greener, safer, and smarter by turning data into actionable insights and complexity into efficiency.

Our customers

Companies and institutions in 2,900 cities around the globe leverage our solutions to accomplish the targets of sustainability, zero road traffic fatalities, more livable cities as well as efficient infrastructure and services.

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All in one

Our end-to-end solution offering

Transport Modeling & Planning

Powerful expert products as well as lightweight, use-case-sharp SaaS products empower you to create digital twins and multimodal traffic simulation – microscopic, mesoscopic or hybrid. For accurate & reliable analysis and data visualization to make successful infrastructure decisions and mobility plans.

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Traffic Management & Prediction

Innovative traffic management software and ITS solutions integrating monitoring and reporting capabilities, as well as forecast and decision support. Based on historical and real-time data, AI and machine learning. Enabling transportation professionals to make data-driven decisions and optimize traffic flow.

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Onsite Traffic Infrastructure

Cutting-edge cabinets, controllers, sensor technology (radar and video) and most reliable field services empowering cities & departments to make traffic networks and operations more efficient and roads safer.

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Mobility Tech Suite

Discover our market leading products that empower you to solve your mobility challenge:

Modeling & Planning

Strategic multimodal transport planning, data visualization and collaboration.

PTV Visum

Multimodal traffic simulation, traffic emission modelling, simulation of CAVs.

PTV Vissim

Microscopic pedestrian simulation software.

PTV Viswalk

Traffic impact analysis and signal optimization.

PTV Vistro

Multimodal accessibility scores.

PTV Access

Automates the model-building process and delivers basic transport models for any city within 1 week.

PTV Model2Go

Public transport service planning, network design, accessibility analysis, scenario comparison.

PTV Lines

Cloud-based dashboards, visualizations, and 3D maps of PTV Visum data.

PTV Visum Publisher

Management & Prediction

Detailed and on-premise real-time traffic management software for multimodal networks, forecasts and monitoring, scenario evaluation.

PTV Optima

Advanced on-premise transportation management solutions, analytics, priority and adaptive features.

Econolite Centracs

Real-time traffic management software, predictive features, cloud based, cost effective.

PTV Flows

Advanced cloud transportation management solutions,analytics, priority and adaptive features, MMS, interoperability.

Econolite Centracs Mobility

Onsite Traffic Infrastructure

Next-gen traffic signal controller software, connected & automated vehicle support, smart city applications.

EOS Controller Software

Next-gen advanced transportation control (ATC).

Cobalt® Controllers

Next-gen advanced transportation control (ATC).

2070 Controllers

Cabinets with advanced diagnostics, monitoring & safety features.

ATC Cabinets

Cabinets with advanced diagnostics, monitoring & safety features.

Nema Cabinets

Cabinets with advanced diagnostics, monitoring & safety features.

Safetran® Cabinets

Cabinets with advanced diagnostics, monitoring & safety features.


Traffic video detection, bicycle, and pedestrian detection, highest level of accuracy and performance.

Autoscope® Vision

Latest, most capable radar, 900’ detection approach area, pedestrian and bicycle detection.

EVO Radar™

Global footprint. Measurable impact.

Applying our global vision to create a local impact:
Tailoring mobility solutions to every city's journey.

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Key trends and our solutions

Data Analytics & AI

By gathering and analyzing traffic, transportation, and consumer behavior data, we empower our customers to analyze scenarios, make data-driven decisions, and optimize transportation networks. We envision a fully integrated predictive traffic management system powered by safe and self-learning AI – to analyze vast amounts of real-time data, optimize traffic flow, and integrate with emerging technologies like AVs.

Smart Cities

With our technology, we empower a smart and connected infrastructure to create advanced intelligence for cities as well as transport and infrastructure companies. For an improved traffic flow and an overall enhanced commuter experience.

Sustainability and Safety

Our purpose is to create human-centered and livable cities for generations to come: Our industry leading product portfolio, offering mobility software, traffic hardware,  detection and traffic monitoring, helps to reduce travel time, to  ease congestion, and to provide safer mobility. 

Insights into strong partnerships

Discover how our partners leverage Umovity solutions
to successfully drive mobility advancements.

  • For over two decades, Umovity technology has streamlined Florida's transportation planning, cementing itself as Jacksonville's top pick for traffic signal solutions.
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    Florida State & Jacksonville
  • Since 2007, Umovity’s advanced traffic management software has been integral to Dubai's evolution into a global smart city leader, driving efficient real-time traffic solutions.
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  • Umovity simulation tools have been pivotal in optimizing London's vast traffic network since 1998, including the successful orchestration of the 2012 Olympics transport.
    Transport for London
    Transport for London
    United Kingdom
  • Our software's near-universal integration within Singapore's LTA showcases a trusted partnership, elevating traffic planning and country-wide transport innovations.
    Land Transport Authority
  • Empowering Swiss Federal Railways' future travel plans, our software simulates every Swiss inhabitant's travel decisions, enhancing rail service concepts and strategic mobility solutions with data-driven insights.
    Swiss Federal Railway
  • Umovity's simulation software has advanced Hamburg's urban planning, reducing emissions and improving traffic flow, reflecting a commitment to environmental sustainability and efficient city management.
    LSBG Hamburg
    Landesbetrieb Straßen, Brücken und Gewässer

Our locations

Econolite and PTV form a strong international group of companies with more than 1,500 employees and offices worldwide.

an illustrated map of a city

Let's transform mobility together

Embark on a journey towards innovative mobility solutions and smarter city planning with us. Whether you're looking to start a project or simply have a question about our hardware, software, and services, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. Get in touch today and let's make your city's mobility vision a reality.