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Core Products and Services

Umovity is the unified brand for Econolite and PTV Mobility products and services.

Econolite develops, manufactures and implements hardware and software products and PTV’s Mobility business develops and delivers software products. Both companies will continue to innovate and closer integrate their respective offerings.

Umovity stands for innovative and cost-effective technologies aligned with the needs of traffic and mobility planning and operating management agencies worldwide. Umovity solutions empower decision-makers and users in agencies, cities, organizations, industries, and academics to shape a smarter, safer, and more sustainable future through improved mobility. From hardware to software, and services including traffic planning, simulation, and optimization as well as maintenance of Smart Mobility systems, Umovity – through Econolite and PTV Group Mobility – serves as the One-Stop-Shop leader for smart and sustainable mobility solutions. Core products and services include Cabinets, Controllers, Sensors, Systems, Software as well as Data and Consulting.

Our Mission

Umovity’s mission is to provide the best mobility for humanity through advanced technology. The mission is to accelerate the achievement of end-to-end, smart, and sustainable traffic management and planning solutions that drive innovation in safety-critical areas, ensuring the efficient mobility of multimodal travelers.

The companies and investors behind Umovity 

Umovity unites industry-leading brands in mobility and is backed by strong companies and investors.

The products and services under the Umovity brand are created by the company groups Econolite and PTV.

Econolite and PTV have two strong investors at their side: the international private equity investor Bridgepoint and Porsche Automobile Holdings SE, which are indirectly invested in their holding company, European Transport Solutions S.àr.l. (Luxembourg).

Bridgepoint and Porsche SE supported PTV and Econolite to join forces in 2022 and now back the further integration into two strong and distinct brands: Umovity (Econolite and PTV Group Mobility); and PTV Logistics (PTV Group Logistics and Conundra).


Econolite began in 1933, with a single unique product innovation, a stop sign with a flashing beacon that turned off during the daytime, extending bulb life and reducing power consumption. That product shared its name with the company, “ECONOLITE.” Since then, Econolite has never stopped innovating and is one of the largest, most established providers of traffic control products and technologies in the industry.

Today, the Econolite family includes our products group, Econolite Control Products, Inc., our services group, Econolite Systems, Inc., Econolite Canada, and CAVita, which offers world-class expertise in Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV). Together, the Econolite family employs over 1,000 people throughout North America. Econolite is headquartered in Anaheim, California, with eight additional offices throughout the United States.

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PTV Group provides software solutions and consulting services to empower mobility for a cleaner and smarter future. Its best-in-class software for transportation modeling & simulation as well as intelligent traffic management enables decision-makers in politics, cities, organizations, and industries, to be more efficient, make roads safer, and protect the environment. Over 2.500 cities make smart decisions based on PTV software. Located in the heart of the Karlsruhe technology region, PTV’s head office has been the company’s center of development and innovation since its foundation in 1979 as a Karlsruhe University of Technology (KIT) spin-off. The latest developments in science, technology, and research are continuously incorporated into our product development. Today, approximately 900 employees worldwide work on powerful, future-oriented solutions to create intelligent and eco-friendly mobility for everyone. 

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Umovity, a unified brand for Econolite and PTV Group

Advisory Board

Abbas Mohaddes serves as Chairman of the Advisory Board, European Transport Solutions, which has the direct oversight of Econolite Group, PTV Group (Mobility and Logistics), Conundra, and all affiliated companies and their management.  Abbas has over 30 years of international experience in transportation technology and management.  He is an entrepreneur who has established several companies and provided strategies for significant growth. He is the former CEO of Econolite Group, Inc., and its subsidiaries.

Leadership of Econolite and PTV

Christian U. Haas
CEO Econolite Group, Inc. and PTV Planung Transport Verkehr GmbH

Christian U. Haas is the Chief Executive Officer of Econolite Group, Inc. and PTV Planung Transport Verkehr GmbH, and their affiliated companies.




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Our Locations

Econolite and PTV form a strong international group of companies with more than 2,000 employees and offices worldwide.



Press Release

Econolite and PTV Mobility will be combined to form the new Mobility business, operating under the brand Umovity.

Bridgepoint and Porsche SE supported PTV and Econolite to join forces in 2022 and now back the further integration into two strong and distinct businesses: Mobility and Logistics.

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