Umovity Vision Flow

Welcome to the era of spatial traffic modeling and management

Umovity Vision Flow seamlessly blends digital city twins with your physical space – simply by adding a sticker to your glasses.

Fix and optimize traffic with the blink of an AI.

Built on the foundation of our technology, Umovity Vision Flow enables powerful spatial experiences – just by sticking the revolutionary sticker on your personal glasses. Control your digital models and traffic monitoring with your eyes, hands, and voice — interactions feel intuitive and magical. To optimize traffic in your city, simply look at the road or intersection you want to optimize, blink with one eye and the situation will be solved automatically. It's like magic. Our spatial technology powered by AI makes your decisions as easy and fast as blinking.

The Umovity Tech applications live in your glasses.

With Umovity Vision Flow, you have all the applications of our Mobility Tech Suite on your glasses, creating an infinite canvas for every mobility use case. Model & arrange infrastructure, hardware, and mobility modes anywhere and integrate them into the perfect ecosystem, making the smart city of your dreams a reality — all while staying present in the world around you. Monitor your city's traffic in real-time and get notifications of traffic incidents, as well as decision support to solve the situation with the blink of an AI.

A whole new set of use cases: From traffic-management…

…to seeing and accessing digital twins of your city.

Simulate and test new hardware and mobility scenarios to ensure safe and sustainable mobility.

Make mobility more human-centered: Share your visions and collaborate with others.

Umovity Vision Flow makes it easy to collaborate and connect with others, wherever you are. Our Mobility Dashboards are life-size, and if you want to use them for meetings or presentations, they simply expand in your room. You can also use them to collaborate with colleagues on the same projects simultaneously or to demonstrate your ideas to relevant stakeholders.

Umovity’s first spatial sticker

One Sticker - Empowering everyone

Every city is different, and so are our users. That's why we designed the Umovity Vision Flow sticker to fit on any ordinary glasses, regardless of the model. To empower everyone, everywhere to see, model, and optimize mobility in virtual reality. Fostering accessibility, diversity and efficiency. Like our testimonials.

The revolutionary sticker transforming your glasses into VR.



 A singular piece of a simplistically formed sticker that can be added on top of every eyeglass model transforming it into VR glasses.  


Super Lightweight.

The light seal gently flexes to conform to your glasses, delivering a precise fit without blocking your view.  



Thanks to the Fit Dial you can adjust the Umovity Vision Flow sticker precisely to your glasses.  



Thanks to our revolutionary technology focused on sustainability, the Umovity Vision Flow sticker is fully solar-powered, enabling unlimited use during daylight and up to 4 hours of general use when fully loaded.

Innovation you can see and feel.

Pushing boundaries from the inside out. Spatial experiences on Umovity Vision Flow are only possible through groundbreaking Umovity technology. A sticker the size of a postage stamp that delivers more pixels than a 4K TV to each eye. Incredible advances in Spatial Audio. A revolutionary sticker design featuring custom Umovity silicon. A sophisticated array of cameras and sensors. All the elements work together to create an unprecedented experience you have to see to believe.

Shape mobility in ways never before possible. Contact us for more information.

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*This is not a real offer, but an April Fools' campaign envisioning the future of mobility planning and optimization in VR.